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The Last Resort RPG

We will wander no more

The Last Resort
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This game has moved!

Please use the links in the ad below to go to our new home at Dreamwidth.

The Last Resort: A Panfandom Roleplaying Game

It could almost be a dream come true. You're standing there -- working, cooking, fighting wizards or vampires or zombies -- or maybe you're just asleep. It doesn't really matter what you're doing because you'll wind up at the same place anyway: on your back, waking up from a deep sleep you didn't know you were having, on an island far away from wherever and whenever you're from. And there's an envelope waiting for you with your name on it and a key to your very own room. It's almost like a free vacation that never ends. Not even if you want it to. The ultimate getaway. The last resort you'll ever visit.

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